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Welcome to the Buddhism for All web series.  It teaches you all the essentials you need to know about Buddhism.  This content is designed to be approachable even to beginners, yet deep and comprehensive enough to illuminate the path to enlightenment.  You’re welcome.

This series is also available as a book, both in paperback and ebook formats.


Meng & Soryu

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Topic #2: The Buddha

The Buddha is the founder of Buddhism.  Besides getting to know him, you will begin to see some fascinating features of Buddhism.  For example, you will find that gods play no role whatsoever in the enlightenment of the Buddha, which explains the nontheistic nature of Buddhism.  You will also find the central role of joy and investigation in the Buddha’s enlightenment, again foretelling their central role in his eventual teachings.


Topic #4: The Second Noble Truth

The second noble truth leads us to an extremely important insight, that suffering is caused. Therefore, the solution to suffering is simply to “uncause” the causes of suffering. Easy peasy.  Here, we also begin the explore the mystical side of Buddhism.


Topic #5: The Third Noble Truth

What is it like to be totally free of suffering? That is the topic of the third noble truth.


Topic #6: The Fourth Noble Truth and the Noble Eightfold Path

How do you get to the state of total freedom from suffering? The path is contained within the fourth noble truth. It comes in eight parts, which is why is it also called <drumroll…> the Noble Eightfold Path.


Topic #7: Right Mindfulness

What is right mindfulness?  What are its features?  How does one establish it?  All your questions about right mindfulness answered here.  Rightly and mindfully, of course.


Topic #8: Right Samadhi

The Buddha taught a practice for meditative concentration that can not only lead people to nirvana, it is also immensely joyful and, more importantly, is accessible be everyone.  Yeah, I’m excited too!


Topic #9: By Virtue of Virtue

Virtue is so powerful and essential that it shows up in virtually every single step of the Buddhist training.


Topic #11: How to Nirvana Yourself

Here, we aim right for the bullseye, with a topic on how we can all use the knowledge we gained above to see nirvana directly.


Topic #12: A Hero’s Journey to Nirvana

Here, we present the exciting story of how one of Soryu’s students arrived at the direct experience of nirvana. From that story, you will also gain a deeper understanding of liberation.


Topic #13: Gods Just Want to Have Fun

This may be very surprising to you, but it turns out that early Buddhism doesn’t care about miracles or gods.  We also answer the question of whether Buddhism is a religion or not.


Topic #14: Buddhism and Modern Science Sitting Together

The unexpectedly intimate relationship between Buddhism and science.  It turns out, they are even in cahoots.


Buddha Parinirvana

Topic #15: How Early Buddhism was Preserved

The fascinating story of how a small group of enlightened monks heroically preserved early Buddhism.  We also examine what the early Buddhist texts look like, and the compelling evidence supporting their authenticity.


  • The Buddha’s Passing
  • Ānanda and Mahā Kassapa’s Excellent Adventures
  • How to Preserve a Buddha’s Teachings
  • Baskets and the Early Buddhist Canon
  • It Took a Little While to Write It All Down, Like 300 Years
  • How Do I Know the Nikāyas are Authentic?
  • Abbot’s Commentary: What Kept Dharma Alive

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