Abbot’s Commentary: Virtue Makes Life Fun

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Buddhism for All

Life is hard. But virtue makes it fun.

It’s like saying that tennis is hard. But getting better at tennis makes it fun.

Virtue is the process of getting better at life, so it makes life fun.

This is hard to understand because so often, we think that being better at tennis is what makes tennis fun. But actually, the process of getting better is even more fun. It is a process that continues even when we are old and can’t beat anyone at tennis anymore.

A good life is a path from the joy we have now to greater, deeper, more trustworthy joy. Virtue is how we find this way, this path of getting better at life, this real and true fun. It continues all the way to Buddhahood.


  • Reflect on this post with Angela: The foundation is virtue. Start with virtue. Cultivate goodness, wholesomeness. Do no harm to others and yourself. Virtue and the bliss of blamelessness are your friends to help you deepen your practice on the path. What insights, learning, or reflection came up for you from this article?

Soryu Forall

After 10 years of monastic training in Asia, Soryu founded the Monastic Academy and spent his life working to create just societies through teaching the Dharma. He has taught thousands of meditators one-on-one in intensive practice. He guides global leaders to conquer their minds. (Read Soryu's story)

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