Resources to help you practice and further explore Buddhism.

Short Guided Meditation

Explore curated guided meditation commonly taught in the Buddhist tradition to aid your practice.

Start with the basics of meditation, and progress to meditating on the breath, on loving-kindness, and mindfulness of mind and Dharma.

Full Meditation Courses

Learn meditation in a structured manner under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

Build a solid foundation in meditation with our recommended “meditation for beginners” courses

Gathas for Daily Living

Cultivate mindfulness and awareness as we engage in activities in daily life (like brushing your teeth and throwing out garbage), with the guidance of Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s poetic gathas (verses) for daily living.


Go to a meditation retreat, find a teaching center to connect with, or even visit Buddhist monasteries for a short stay.

Discover teachers and communities to connect with, on our curated shortlist.

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