Introducing Tom – His Journey to Buddhism

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Blog

Tom is a dear friend of mine, and here’s his story of learning Dharma and entering the gates of Buddhism.

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But first, here’s his story.

Tom’s story

I come from a Belgian family and grew up Catholic by birth, but not in a family that was religious.  Starting in my teenage years, I began a philosophical and religious exploration around meaning.   I was attracted to studying physics in university, as a way to understand how the world worked, which informed my young adult view of things.  I concluded that science was the main cipher to decode life’s mysteries.

This view, while still useful to this day, was challenged after a car accident which resulted in a Near Death Experience.  This NDE prompted me to start a daily meditation practice, first influenced by Kabat Zinn’s MBSR approach and also by courses like Search Inside Yourself I attended while working at Google.  My initial goals focused on developing concentration, clarity and calm.   Eventually this did not satisfy the itch, so I decided to study the source material and began to read the Nikayas, as well as start to familiarize myself with the Pali language.  I developed a view that adhering to the five precepts is not only important to live an ethical life in the mundane world, but importantly, is a required foundation for contemplative practice. 

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