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By now, you have learned all the Buddha’s core teachings (from Topic #1 to Topic #10).  More importantly, you have learned how to put those teachings into practice (specifically, from Topic #6 to Topic #9).  And perhaps even more important than that, you learned about stream-entry (Topic #11), the first stage of enlightenment that is achievable within a single lifetime, which guarantees full enlightenment.

Yeah, sure, but can that journey to stream-entry be undertaken by a normal person in the modern world?  And if so, what would that journey actually look like?

To answer those questions, Soryu will share the story of Susan (not her real name), one of his students who went from zero to stream-entry in three years.  From that case study, you will get an idea of the padawan’s journey, and you will see how much it resembles a hero’s journey.

We hope that sharing Susan’s journey will not only help you understand what the journey can look like, it will also encourage you to undertake your own journey.

The story of the young padawan starts today in Topic #12.  As usual, we will put up three posts per week.  Why three?  Because, this is the way.

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