Reflections for “Right Effort”

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Blog

The post titled Right Effort is now up on Buddhism for All. Angela from the team reflected on it, and invites you to do so too.

🌕 Angela’s Reflections:

Right effort is more of a mental practice or introspective awareness, rather than a physical effort. To practice right effort, we need awareness of mind to examine our thoughts and intentions arising at that very moment.  And then, let them go (if unwholesome) or nourish them further (if wholesome). This is how we incline the mind towards wholesomeness. As awareness becomes increasingly refined, our practice of right effort becomes increasingly effortless.

🌱 Journal Reflection Prompts for You:

  • 📝 How will cultivating right effort be beneficial to you and others around you?

  • 📝 How might you cultivate the refined awareness to know if an unwholesome thought is arising, or if a wholesome thought is arising? Why would having access to this refined quality of mind be important or beneficial?

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