Reflections for “The Buddha’s Findings: The Middle Way and The Four Noble Truths”

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Blog

The post titled The Buddha’s Findings: The Middle Way and The Four Noble Truths is now up on Buddhism for All. Angela from the team reflected on it, and invites you to do so too.

🌕 Angela’s Reflections:

Now, we are finally starting to get to know the teachings of the Buddha on the Middle Way  and the Four Noble Truths. These teachings are very deep and has to be understood, contemplated on, and directly experienced, again and again. 

🌱 Journal Reflection Prompts for You:

  • 📝 What is the middle way to you?

  • 📝What do you think is the nature of suffering? What causes suffering? What methods can cease suffering? And what is the cessation of suffering?  

  • 📝 If the challenges you face today were a lesson for you to learn and grow, what would be that lesson?

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