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Mindfulness is the main pillar of the meditative practice taught by the Buddha.  It is also the first of the seven factors of enlightenment, the balancing factor of the five spiritual faculties, and so on.  The Buddha declared that mindfulness is always useful.  In Topic #7, we explored mindfulness in detail, including a deliberate, definitive definition (say that quickly 3 times), all 4 establishments of mindfulness, and as a free bonus, we also presented the five hindrances.  You’re welcome.

Topic #8 is kind of like a Christmas gift.  In this topic, we will be exploring right samadhi.  Right samadhi is to a meditator what a microscope is to a microbiologist.  Only with a microscope can you see bacteria and other micro-organisms, and being able to see them directly changes everything about microbiology.  In the same way, right samadhi allows you to examine the depths of your mind in perfect calmness, clarity and equanimity, allowing you to finally see the mind as it actually is.  For a meditator, that changes everything.  So, pretend you’re a child wanting to be a microbiologist, and pretend Mom bought you a microscope for Christmas.  That is what Topic #8 would be like.

Learn more about right samadhi in Topic #8 starting today.  As usual, we will put up 3 posts per week.  Why 3?  Because 2 is too few, and 4 is too many, that’s why.

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