Reflections for “Call Now and Get 50% More Nirvana Absolutely Free”

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Blog

The post titled Call Now and Get 50% More Nirvana Absolutely Free is now up on Buddhism for All. Angela from the team reflected on it, and invites you to do so too.

🌕 Angela’s Reflections:

Ultimately, nirvana, the unconditioned, is beyond words, and concepts. We may use words and concepts to explain it, but it is beyond words and concepts.  Thus, while it is useful to have an understanding of nirvana, it is very important not to make, contrive, fabricate nirvana into something. As unenlightened beings, we have an ingrained tendency to grasp, form, carve, substantiate, solidify, freeze, cling — emptiness, like foam, bubbles, mirages, banana stems and a magician’s illusion — into something. On your own journey, you must continuously keep awareness of whether you are fabricating and contriving. This is why cultivating mindfulness and awareness is so important. Ultimately when one has a genuine realization of the true nature of reality, one is able to use words and concepts but is not fooled by it. 

🌱 Journal Reflection Prompts for You:

  • 📝 Re-read the post again, especially all the teachings and quotes on nirvana. What insights are emerging for you?

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