Endorsements for Buddhism for All

Here are all 23 glowing endorsements for Buddhism for All.

“This expertly and compassionately written book is a great guide to Buddhism, even for Buddhists, and even for a lifelong Buddhist like me.”


Prime Minister of Bhutan

“If you want to know about Buddhist teachings, this book is a wonderful doorway! Easy to understand, heartfelt and wise, brilliant and thorough, inviting you into a path of freedom and joy.”


Author of A Path With Heart

“This inspiring book is one of the most valuable gifts of Dhamma one can give to anyone. Master Soryu and Meng have amazingly distilled the essence of a huge quantity of Buddhist literature in one single book! The subject matter is presented and explained in an attractively humorous and accessible way. I only wish I had had this book when I first encountered Buddhism in India. It is a must read.”


Abbot and President of the Uganda Buddhist Centre, author of Planting Dhamma Seeds, and visiting professor at Columbia University

“This remarkable and brave book explores the main teachings of the Buddha, with rich detail, humor, depth, and  wisdom. It will be an important lifetime resource for all who aspire to awaken. One will return to it again and again for its surprises and its joy.”


Abbot, Upaya Zen Center

Buddhism for All is a joy to read—it’s a book with ‘something to say’ that you’ll benefit from hearing, whether you’re just getting acquainted with Buddhism or far along your path. Coauthors Meng and Soryu bring a fresh voice and keen sensibility to their exploration of the first cycle of the Buddha’s teachings. Spirited, humorous, and serious all at once, it’s a book with a generous heart that shines a clear light on the roots, persistence, and end of our suffering, and reminds us that the path to peace, joy, and awakening is in our own hands.”


Founder and President, Nalandabodhi and Nitartha International, and author of Emotional Rescue and Wild Awakening

“This book is beautiful and enlightening. I have never found a book that takes you by the hand so easily about the most complex elements of Buddhism.  I have found the many lists and sublists that in any other Buddhist books are challenging, but Meng and Soryu made everything so natural, organic, and easy to follow. It’s truly a joy to navigate them thanks to the clarity and humor.”


Academy Award–winning filmmaker

“Coauthored by a top-of-the-line computer guy (an early Google engineer) with a silly sense of humor and a knack for apt analogy, and a brilliant young Buddhist teacher, Buddhism for All is a wise and thorough discussion of Buddhism’s key teachings. Carefully researched, it’s a boon for the seasoned Buddhist reader, who can follow the notes (as I did) directly to original sources in translation. At the same time, astonishingly, it’s a genial, plainspoken, and persuasive introduction to the how and why of Buddhist practice for the contemporary reader. You’ll feel, on every page, Meng and Soryu’s enthusiasm for the Dharma, and their deep wish to share it as widely as possible.”


Zen priest, abbot, and poet; Founder of the Everyday Zen Foundation; and author of When You Greet Me I Bow

“This book may easily be mistaken for one trying to preach Buddhism as a religion. But Buddhism is not just a religion, it is a philosophy for a way of ethical living, and science of the mind. The presentation Meng and Soryu give in Buddhism for All comes from a philosophical and scientific perspective rather than a religious one. I was born a Buddhist and have been engaged in Buddhist studies for all of my life, and yet the contents presented in this wonderful book helped me in many ways to look at our mind from a different angle. I say this not because I am being a biased Buddhist, but as a human brother who wishes for all sentient beings to achieve their goals in life. The goal of our life is simply called ‘Happiness.’ Open and read the book and find your happiness from within.”


Head Lama of Kalmyk Republic and Honorary Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Russia, Mongolia, and CIS countries

“Meng and Soryu have covered a very wide area not just about Buddhism, but more important, about what it means to be a Buddhist. I find the notion of being a Buddhist without identifying with  Buddhism resonating deeply with my own belief of what it means to be a Muslim—being kind and just to all around you.”


Former Singapore cabinet minister, current academic, and future better person

“This is a book for our time, of deep wisdom conveyed with light touches. I have long known that Meng believes in laughter (because life is not all suffering), but here we see the source of this joyfulness as one’s personal experience intertwines with sacred texts. Like vintage wine, such teachings reveal more dimensions of truth with every practitioner. Meng’s Buddhism is not at all sectarian, but comes through as the answer manifesting not as mere dogma but as what Christ called the Way and the Buddha, the Dhamma: always the same yet changing us. The use of the early texts of Buddhist tradition in the following pages is both enriching and renewing, expressing what we learn as the ‘miracle of instruction.’ Indeed, a joy-engendering book for our time and for followers of all ways and teachings.”


OSB, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation

“This is an awesome book on Buddhism, a book written with a difference. It is crisp and refreshing like newly mowed grass in the morning. Its presentation is  lighthearted and delightful, with fun and good humor. Its language will strike a chord with the computer-savvy and Google-addicted generation. It gives an excellent introduction to Buddhism, while also going in depth into Buddhist ideas and concepts without appearing academic and heavy.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn about Buddhism. I would also highly recommend it to people like me who have been practicing and teaching Buddhism for years.”


Founding member and former President of Buddhist Gem Fellowship Malaysia (BGF) and Honorary Secretary of the International Buddhist Confederation

“If you are looking for some spiritual joy, Buddhism for All is a good place to start. This is a special offering from Chade-Meng Tan and Soryu Forall, who painstakingly researched the ancient texts to supply us with the Dhamma. Written with depth and humor, intelligent and clear, one can find learning about the foundations of the Buddha’s teaching a little less daunting. It’s a book with so many layers and so much information it will become a favorite resource.”


Author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

Buddhism for All by Chade-Meng Tan and Soryu Forall is a book about early Buddhism that you won’t want to miss. It is filled with gems of early Buddhism covering the whole path, while laced with humor and humility. There are many delightful stories from the time of the Buddha and from today. Once you start, you will not want to put it down.”


Founder and President of the Altruism in Medicine Institute (AIMI) and personal physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“Few writers have attempted an introduction to Buddhism this broad and this deep. Buddhism for All is truly Buddhism for all. The authors’ genuine wisdom, boundless compassion, and unique humor shine through on every page.”


Guiding teacher of Jikoji Zen Center and author of Buddha’s Office

Buddhism for All is interesting, easy reading, written for our time. Well researched and documented, it reaches out and connects with the uninitiated and experienced practitioners. May the real-life stories from both East and West, Buddhist and non-Buddhist sources inspire and motivate one to walk the Noble Path and be of service to humanity. May the noble aspirations of Chade-Meng and Soryu Forall be realized.”


Founder and Spiritual Director of the Aloka Foundation

“The Buddha is compassionate and kind enough, but expositions of Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha, are not easy to access and understand. Buddhism for All is easy to approach, joyful to practice, crystal clear to discern. In addition, it preserves the solid foundations of the Buddha’s teachings without sacrificing their depth and subtlety. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to those with no knowledge of what the Buddha taught.”


Director of KAIST Center for Contemplative Science and developer of Heart-Smile Training

“This book is for anyone interested in learning the wisdom and compassion that is Buddhism. We are all interconnected, and there is beauty in understanding each other. Whether you are a practicing Buddhist, or someone interested in learning about Buddhism, the teachings in this book will provide tools for a life of happiness and joy.”


Author of My Father, My President

Buddhism for All is written in everyday language, yet verified with a myriad of notes from the Pali Canon. This gift makes it unique. The authors’ emphasis on original Buddhism confirms that which is forever so intimate.”


Abbot of Sonoma Mountain Zen Center

“This is a very ambitious book. In the midst of its conversational tone, cheeky asides, skillful explanations, and humor (even in the notes!), the Dharma is surprisingly deeply explored. The jocular tone belies an earnest and informed effort to detail fundamental Buddhist understandings based on the earliest texts. Bravo!”


Executive Director of the Buddhist Film Foundation and International Buddhist Film Festival

“This meticulously researched book shows you how the practice of Buddhism helps the mind transcend its own limitations, especially in overcoming the suffering that humans feel. Meng and Soryu skillfully present profound ancient teachings in a humorous and highly readable manner.”


Bestselling author, pioneering inventor, and futurist

“An intellectually rigorous volume on the fundamental aspects of Buddhism written with lightness and humor that conveys the spiritual joy of the Dharma. Profound, engaging, and thoughtful.”


MD, Founder and Director of the Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and author of Into the Magic Shop

“For those of us untrained in Buddhism, Meng and Soryu have given us a great gift; a way to receive teachings of the Buddha ‘for free’! They have borne a great cost and I am grateful for their pure intention; may it have the impact in the world to which they have committed their time and their lives.”


Cocreator of 1440

“I particularly enjoyed the lighthearted approach to some of life’s deepest topics with perspectives simultaneously coming from two authors. Reading this book has greatly helped me with my own personal journey of discovery and understanding. There’s no better companion to have on this trip than what lives in these pages!”


Cofounder of YouTube